Friday, May 25, 2007


I will say, the Baptists do provide extremely comfortable seating while they take you on the mental trip to hell. The public high school held their baccalaureate in the local Baptist church. I believe I went with an open mind, having made only a few remarks about the separation of church and state. I was ignorant of the fact that women cannot lead a church or preach in the Baptist faith. It bemused the gentleman sitting behind me when he straightened me out on that point. His self-satisfaction bemused me. There is undeniably a great font of wisdom in the Bible. Unfortunately, the sermon hit on very little of it.

The topic was taken from Galatians. The thrust of the sermon was not to trust knowledge. He told these children going on to college that the only truth in the world was the literal unassailable word of God which was only found in the Bible. I find it frightening when so much ignorance is evidenced by often highly educated people. The funny thing was there was not an internal logic and consistency to what he had to say. Much of his exhortations revolved around avoiding man centered philosophies. "They will lead you astray," he said. But, here's the thing. What is more man centered than that the God of the entire universe would send "a man" to save "men". Isn't that just a bit man-centered?

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