Thursday, May 17, 2007


It is one of the weird things I heard growing up: everyone in the world has a twin somewhere. I fervently wished this was true. I thought if I could find mine somehow I could convince her to take my place in the family. It had to be better elsewhere. Later, of course, I saw the fallacy in all of it. That is until last night. It wasn't my twin I saw but someone who was so close in appearance, mannerism and affect to someone I know that I was actually speechless. I recovered somewhat and when I spoke to them it was ghostly! Out of several hundred people we ended up across from each other in the buffet line. They had the same hands and nails, the eyes (though not the eyebrows), the smile, the hair (the cut and texture), the shape of the head and even the same shoes!! Later, I could not help openly staring at them across the room during the ceremonies. Then at the end we were in the same place waiting for about fifteen minutes and casually talking. Even the intelligence, quickly gauged, was familiar. The professions though different had common elements. But it was the demeanor that completely shook me. I had to remind myself that it was not the other person. I felt feelings that I have felt for the other person! It was so bizarre. If I were delusional I would have imagined that somehow I had conjured up the original, that I had actually caused them to trans locate.

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