Saturday, May 5, 2007


I recounted the "Bluebird Murders" to a new acquaintence about a month ago. On a first date, I somehow found it appropriate to tell the story of the two separate incidents of female Bluebird murder in my backyard last spring. About a month apart I found the birds whose skulls had been savagely crushed while they were in the nesting box. There was blood spatter and all the physical evidence of extreme violence. Feral cats or similar beasts were quickly discounted because of the lack of claw marks. It remained a mystery....... until today.

He sent me an email which first posited a bizarre implosion of the skulls after freezing during a cold spell. Because one was found during a warm month this was discounted without further investigation. Then consumed (I posit) by the deed, he tracked down a bizarre but true explanation. Flying squirrels will not only kill birds to get their nests, they will EAT them. Though hard to comprehend, this is A FACT. However, due to a lack of trees nearby and the intact nature of the bodies, the squirrels were exonerated (in this case). Fascinated, I searched web sites and found the culprit---House Sparrows.

Yes, not only will cute little squirrels eat birds but house sparrows will attack them in their nesting boxes and peck them to death. I emailed him my discovery and wished him safety from the murderous intentions of the beasts of the field. Then, I thought, "If the circumstances were exigent for my children what would I do for a home?" The American soldiers were sent to Iraq in my name supposedly to protect the American Homeland. For whatever reasons the war has led to the catastrophic and senseless murder of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, including innumerable children, in their Homeland. I wondered, "Where do I stand among the beasts of the field?"

"Wherever we go there we are."

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